What is Pointsprizes and how it is used?

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There are a lot of websites these days that are offering freebies online, such as free coupons, free trial offers, gift cards, and also free t-shirts.  In the marketing world, we know that most people like free stuff, and this is why we are seeing so many free online offers on the Internet, free offers by big companies. This is the best strategy to attract customers to their websites.


But what is their purpose giving away free offers like that? The only answer to this question would be promotion. Sometimes when we come across some online offers, the customers are asked to submit their contact information such as our name, address, email address and we have to complete one of the offers they gave us before we can get the freebies. Some pointsprizes claims people to perform certain tasks like watching videos, taking surveys, playing games, and many.  There are also paid surveys available. The users can earn points or rewards and these points are redeemable for real cash. The task given will be very simple. One can also earn a few points by watching videos, but most of the videos are available only on the mobile app.

Redeem points:

One can join Pointsprizes from anywhere in the world. This app is available in Google Play or iTunes for free. One can download and use these pointsprize to get some real money. One can even win cash and can transfer it directly to their bank account by using the PayPal app. It is the most convenient mode of payment for most of the users worldwide. The customers can also find coupon codes on social media and different sources around the internet. Claiming coupons can get 0 to 500 points and it also provides referral points.